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Chiropractic therapy is an effective treatment for acute pain whether residing in the neck, mid-back, low back or other joints of the body. By targeting the core problem, chiropractic therapy focuses on improving the quality of your life currently interrupted by acute pain.

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Acute pain management using chiropractic manipulative therapy, or CMT, at Radiant begins with identifying the cause of the pain. This is done through a complete evaluation documenting the injury process and any complicating factors. Next is a physical exam to evaluate all components of the injury for each area of complaint. After assessing the complaint, the appropriate chiropractic care begins.

Chiropractic therapy, or an adjustment, is used to address the areas of injury through chiropractic techniques such as impulse adjusting technique, activator technique, drop table technique, and/or diversified technique. These techniques are like different items in a carpenter’s tool case. The advantage of having multiple techniques is the ability to specify treatment based on the condition rather than using a single tool regardless the type of injury.

Not all conditions require an adjustment that causes a “snap”, “crack”, or “pop”. Radiant chiropractic treatment uses modern techniques that are highly specific and more effective than ever at treating acute injury.

The initial goal of therapy is to decrease muscles spasms, reduce inflammation, and increase range of motion which are all components of pain. Once pain and inflammation has been decreased and range of motion has been improved, the healing process continues with strengthening and stabilizing the surrounding muscle of the spine or joint.





Chiropractic manipulation is used to help guide joints that have been moved out of place by injury or muscle spasms. In conjunction with chiropractic manipulative therapy, therapeutic exercise can be used to further stabilize and complete the recovery process from the acute phase of care. Without proper acute pain management, the body will often adapt from the injury and lead to chronic pain scenarios.