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Chiropractic therapy is an effective treatment for chronic pain, whether in the neck, mid-back, low back or other joints of the body. By targeting the core problems, chiropractic therapy at Radiant will focus on improving the quality of life for those currently frustrated or crippled by chronic pain.

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Chronic care management can employ chiropractic manipulative therapy. To manage chronic pain, it is essential to identify all aspects contributing to the pain. This will include assessing the immediate area of pain as well as identifying other co-morbidities and compensation patterns of the body. Often, the biggest challenge when treating chronic pain is the existence of many root causes, such as a previous acute injury or a repetitive overuse injury.

After determining the cause of the chronic problem, the next step is determining the effects on the body after months or even years of biomechanical adaptation to the human body.

This change in movement stresses the joints due to irregular or even restricted movement. This can lead to chronic inflammation as well as a weakened structure and a degenerative process such as arthritis due to incorrect biomechanical movement. A scenario may occur wherein other areas of the body are more susceptible to injury and fatigue. Another cause of chronic pain is poor daily posture. Over time, incorrect posture position of the spine can lead to shortening of muscle and deconditioning of the muscle.

Chronic care management employs chiropractic manipulative therapy (CMT), also called an adjustment. CMT is used to address the areas of injury by using chiropractic techniques such as impulse adjusting technique, activator technique, drop table technique, and/or diversified technique. These techniques are like items in a carpenter’s tool case.

The advantage of having multiple techniques is the ability to specify treatment based on the condition rather using a single tool regardless of the type of injury. Not all conditions require an adjustment that causes a “snap”, “crack”, or “pop”. Many modern techniques are highly specific, more effective, and safer than ever before. In addition to chiropractic manipulative therapy, a vital step is therapeutic exercise combined with posture muscle re-education. Structured therapeutic rehab programs along with an integrative medical approach will encourage improvements in their health.