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We Are Your Health Coach

We value the connection between living well and feeling great. We work directly with our patients to develop fitness and nutritional plans. Utilizing a clinical nutrition specialist to personalize your nutritional plan, we specialize in addressing your individual needs.

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Our Gym Partners

Radiant proudly partners with Better Body and ANYTIME FITNESS™ in Louisville, KY. Please call us today and learn about special member pricing at these locations.
Integrative health coaching is a transformative process where our providers work directly with you to help establish healthcare goals and align your lifestyle and behaviors to achieve and maintain wellness.

Health Coaching Transforms Lives

Our coaching elevates your motivation and encourages change from within. We help you gain the knowledge, skills and confidence to achieve health-supporting behaviors. Our team of compassionate health care providers are there to listen to your needs and help you navigate a clear path to reach your healthcare goals.
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Does Health Coaching Cost Extra?
Absolutely NOT! Our health coaching begins at the front desk and is incorporated into every aspect of our care.

What Aspects of My Life Can You Address with Health Coaching?
Nutrition, preventative care, finances, medication reconciliation, care management, fitness, sleep, stress, weight, relationships, spirituality. Above all, we are patient-focused! We work on the areas that are most important to you and your well-being.

Does Health Coaching Work?
Yes! The efficacy has been proven through abundant research.