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Male hormone replacement therapy will provide in-depth analysis of symptoms and lab levels to get to the core problem, then carefully replenish and rejuvenate natural levels for ideal health.

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Helping Men Restore Health

Male hormone replacement therapy for men will help gentlemen experience ideal health and receive optimal results in the safest manner.

We work hard to jump start the body into providing all the nutrients it needs to build hormones (such as testosterone) naturally and then help ensure that aromatization does not occur.

Aromatization of testosterone results from being given more testosterone than can properly be absorbed and processed by the body. It then changes into a form of estrogen which can cause many side effects. We are careful to prevent aromatization.

Cardiovascular screenings are done with each patient. Our nutraceuticals will help replenish the building blocks to support the body’s ability to produce on its own.

In-Depth Integrative Approach

Replenishing male hormone needs can result in an increased sense of well-being, improvement of mood, increased libido and sex drive, ease of building muscle, and decrease of fatigue.

Safety is our utmost priority! We will never treat outside our scope of practice. Radiant prides itself in nourishing our patients’ medical needs by diagnosing and treating core problems to ensure quality results. Some of the hormones that are tested include, but are not limited to: testosterone, estradiol, prolactin, PSA, in-depth lipid panel, insulin, CBC, CMP, and Hgb A1C. Our goal is to restore one’s natural capability to balance health.