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Massage is the manipulation of the muscles and soft tissue to increase circulation, alleviate pain and improve overall health by igniting the body’s own immune system.

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Massage compliments the integrative approach to medicine beautifully. Massage is natural, personal and specific. Massage is arguable one of the first medical modalities and still utilized in primary care for patients in many countries around the world. I could bore you with lots of research, but I would rather show you the proof. Advance massage therapists are employed in almost all major hospitals across the United States (and other countries), part of most professional and collegiate athletic teams and departments and work alongside most chiropractors.

A licensed massage therapist with advanced training and education is an expert in muscles and soft tissues. Our advanced licensed massage therapist will listen and work with the client to address the core problem/s while elevating the symptoms.

Very often the symptoms are not the same as the cause of the core problems. Massage can reduce stress, relax tensions, increase circulation and ignite your own body’s healing powers. Massage is excellent for stress, migraines, stretched, strained, torn or overworked muscles and fibromyalgia – just to name a few examples.

Our licensed massage therapists are not for entertainment purposes, therefore we do not accept or allow tips of any kind. Referrals yes, tips no.


Pre/Post Sports Massage

Great for preventing or elevating muscle strain during any type of strenuous sporting event

Trigger Point Massage

Unique massage locating points that cause pain in seemingly unrelated parts of the body

Reiki Massage

Energy work with the goal of balancing the body’s energy fields

Swedish Massage

Basic massage excellent for relaxation and increased circulation

Deep Tissue Massage

A type of massage that gets deep into the muscles to elevate muscle related issues

Injury Massage

Massage designed for a specific injury and not full body