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Bioidentical hormone replacement therapy provides in depth investigation into personalized treatments of hormone imbalances. We are committed to safely assessing the patient’s levels via serum blood, saliva, and/or dried urine spot testing. Our patients will review with our team a complete review of systems and symptoms before starting any hormone therapies.

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Safety First

Our highest quality of medical care ensures that we guide patients along national safety regulations and standards of care for our patients. Our treatment plan is not cookie cutter and is designed to listen to the patient and provide treatments based on the safest and healthiest mechanism possible to ensure quality results.

Our bioidentical hormone replacement therapy program utilizes certified local compounding pharmacists here in Middletown and in the greater Louisville, Ky area. We never prescribe outside of our scope of practice and will always put patient safety first.

Why Balance Your Hormones?

Benefits of balancing hormones can include: improvement of fatigue, increased energy, improved libido (sex drive), decrease or ridding of vasomotor symptoms like hot flashes, vaginal dryness, and mood imbalances. Many other benefits can arise from utilizing bioidentical hormone replacement. Working together with our patients, we can utilize bioidentical hormone balancing or research based plant medicine to alleviate symptoms linked with an imbalance of hormones.