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Our medical weight loss caters to individual needs and helps patients get to the core problems causing difficulty losing weight. This ensures quality health results are achieved through teamwork and in the safest, most effective path.

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Our medical weight loss programs are tailored specifically to the individual.

We journey through lab work and health history to analyze why weight is a concern before finding the core problems leading to the issue. We then work as a team to conquer weight concerns for good. Our patients will be screened, a thorough diet history will be obtained and medical conditions will be reviewed by our certified medical providers.

After bloodwork and an EKG, results are reviewed and the patient will be informed of options for weight loss that are safest for them. We will ensure good food and exercise are incorporated into every plan. This emphasis stems from the fact that if the brain perceives itself as starving, it’s less likely to release fat. Our bodies need fruits, vegetables and proteins to fuel the machine.

Most Common Problems Associated With Weight Loss

Too often, people are not eating enough. We focus on what to add and not just what to take away from one’s diet. Twenty to thirty grams of protein within an hour of waking in the morning can set the stage for an increased metabolic rate and better glucose processing for the entire day. We look at adding as many fruits, vegetables and protein as possible, spread throughout the day, to help support health and increase metabolic rate. Our brain demands three permission slips in order to release fat: not starving, not dehydrated, and not in a crisis. We will explore hormones, including leptin, insulin, cortisol, and glucose, to see how your unique genetic combinations interact with these key hormones.

What We Offer

We offer support to achieve genuine success, including nutrition, encouragement, accountability, and exercise. Other options are prescriptions when appropriate, modified HCG efficient weight loss with post instructions to ensure lasting results, and natural metabolic support. Some of our patients need only to identify and fix their chronic stress and elevated cortisol levels in order to lose weight naturally. Safe weight loss that is rapid can initially encourage the patient with enough hope to take the reins of health and ensure lasting benefits. Most of us have hidden medical concerns that affect our weight. At Radiant, we enjoy initiating and achieving life changing results together!