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Our members receive preferred access to our integrative medical providers. Membership provides you the attentive care you deserve and includes medical, chiropractic and massage therapy visits.  Also included in membership are discounts to gym memberships and aesthetic services. Membership grants exclusive access to integrative medical care, chiropractic care, and massage on a monthly basis. This allows our patients to reach their full potential by balancing and nourishing each part of their health.

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VIP Membership

Patients may choose to be a member for $199/month and receive: an initial wellness visit, 1 follow-up wellness visit, 4 acute care visits per year, 2 chiropractic visits per month, one 60 minute massage per month, and may add gym membership for $10/month. Additional add-on services and aesthetics are available to our members at discounted rates. Call today to learn more about our VIP Membership at Radiant, your integrative professionals.


Individual Memberships

Patients may choose individual memberships for $79 /month in either medical, chiropractic care, or massage.