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What is Integrative Medicine?

Best Of Both Worlds

Integrative medicine creates a harmony that combines the best of two worlds: the standards of traditional medicine and the treatment options of the natural world. Prevention is key and education is part of every one of our visits here at Radiant Integrative Health Club.  We often say that we have nutraceuticals in our right hand and a prescription pad in our left!

Natural Medicine
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Evidence-based medicine defines clinical guidelines for treatment in family practice and medicine.  That standard is held in our approach to integrate medical treatments.   A holistic approach to healthcare will address all the health needs of our patients and support them to prevent disease in the future.  We are committed to removing chemicals and harmful substances from our health care products as well as our food.  Non-GMO products are used here at Radiant.  One of the product lines that we promote is Integrative Therapeutics.  This brand provides proof of quality as well as obtaining FDA facility approval.  Integrative Therapeutics also publishes quality research studies for each of their products that are funded by outside entities.

Traditional doctors understand that diet and lifestyle changes should be the first treatment for addressing chronic disease (unfortunately, formal medical training doesn’t include nutrition or any other subject involving diet and lifestyle changes). Functional Medicine is the method of finding and treating the Root Cause of chronic disease.  It is a patient-centered model of health care meaning; treatment is focused on the whole person, not just one particular part related to one particular disease or symptom.  It is science based and personalized.  The basic principle is that each person is biochemically unique and, therefore, no one treatment is right for everyone. Lifestyle Medicine is the method of using lifestyle intervention, or “therapeutic lifestyle change”, to prevent, treat, and even reverse chronic diseases. 

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